The primary concern that prompted me to call Dr. Prasad was I had serious recession of my hairline – large “cul de sacs” as I called them, on the side and very thin receding hair along my forehead. My results are excellent! My cul de sacs are gone, I have a more normal looking hair line all across my forehead with sufficient thickness. I feel much more confident about how I look. What was standing in the way of me having a hair transplant in the first place was that I didn’t know such a procedure existed for women and I didn’t know where to get information. I had only seen photos of men who had cuts made in the back of their scalps. So glad I found Dr. Prasad and the FUE procedure. What I appreciated most about my overall experience was that I was treated so kindly by everyone in the office. Dr. Prasad really seems to know what she is doing. I would recommend the FUE procedure because it’s a great procedure with no scar left at the back of my head. Dr. Prasad and her team have been fabulous and very caring through the entire process. Thank you all so much!*

I was experiencing thinning hair. I was fearful of having a hair transplant because I didn't know how it would turn out or if it would look natural. My experience here was great! My hair looks fuller, looks younger. Everything was wonderful. Dr. Prasad and staff were great. I would recommend them because of the results, they are professional, and understanding.*

I was missing hair in the front, above my forehead. I didn't know a lot about hair transplants before I made an appointment but I scored! My hair looks a lot better now. I would certainly recommend this office.*

I was having problems with thinning hair at the front of my hairline that prompted me to call Dr. Prasad. My results so far have been thicker hair. The thinning in my hair was getting bad enough that I called for a hair transplant. Everyone in my experience was very nice.*

I had a receding hair line and wanted to address the problem before it got worse. I now have a fuller, natural-looking hair line that has helped improve my appearance and self-confidence. The results met my expectations. I will definitely have another procedure in the next 1-2 years. I would recommend Dr. Prasad, in fact, I referred a friend who had a procedure 8months ago and she too is very satisfied with the results.*
J.V., MALE, 47 - 1100 GRAFTS

From start to finish, I felt very informed...I wanted to take a bit of your time to let you know how much I enjoyed the neo graft procedure I recently undertook. You and you staff, Debbie and Karen, couldn't have been any nicer or more helpful in explaining all aspects of the procedure. From start to finish, I felt very informed and at no time had any reservations about the operation. The techs that came in from Atlanta were amazing and I would highly recommend Rob, Lester, and Linda, to anyone considering this procedure. They were great. Very nice, very capable and extremely competent in their skill sets. As of today, 9 days after the procedure, I am healing well, and have no pain at all. Looking forward, I can tell that the operation will be a success in the natural way my hair looks. Again, thank you to you and your wonderful staff. If anybody wants my advice about the neo graft procedure, I will definitely send them your way. It's been a pleasure.*

I called Sacramento Hair Doctor because I was experiencing rapid hair loss. I needed to find the right place to go for the treatment. I now have regained my hair and am able to style it. I appreciate having my hair back. I am really happy with the results. The whole procedure wasn't bad either, I was in and out in about 5 hours and there was no pain. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Prasad and her team.*

My primary concern before I called Dr. Prasad was substantial hair loss both in the front and crown of my head. I have had very good results. Cost was the only thing that had prevented me from calling before. I appreciated the excellent results I received and the wonderful staff. I would recommend Dr. Prasad because the procedure was quick and fairly painless. The results were worth the cost and the staff made the whole process comfortable and answered all the questions I had.*
N.P., MALE, 44 - 1200 GRAFTS

I had some hormonal hair loss. I was not comfortable with having a strip of hair removed from the back of my head. Then I found out about Dr. Prasad's technique when a friend recommended her. My hair line was completely restored. The relief of stress of hiding my previous hairline was the thing I most appreciate about my experience. The results have been very satisfactory, her team is very welcoming, and the procedure was quick with recovery and results.*
R.C., FEMALE, 33 - 1400 GRAFTS

*Comments from all success stories and reviews are the expressed opinions of those patients and their experience and do not represent guaranteed results.