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Just like good dental hygiene prevents long term problems, medical therapy can help prevent unnecessary progression of baldness.

Hair loss has a genetic basis and most men who are genetically prone to baldness start noticing some changes as early as their 20s. Usually this hair loss pattern begins with recession in the temporal areas in the front hairline, followed by some amount of hair loss on the top of the scalp and on the crown.

Hair transplant is not the only way to replace or regrow hair. In those early stages, when the hair has not yet fallen out but has just begun to thin, there are a number of products and treatments that can help. These non-surgical medications can result in improvement if started early enough.

Not everyone is a candidate for hair transplant surgery. After a consultation, if Dr. Prasad feels that you would benefit from certain lab tests, or from waiting some time and using non-surgical methods, then she will advise you to do so.


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