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Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a hair-transplant option that has gained a lot of popularity over the years, and many people are ideal candidates for it. This has helped to make it the gold-standard technique for hair transplantation.

Receding Hairlines or Pronounced Bald Patches

Patients who are experiencing a receding hairline or expanding bald patches would be ideal candidates for FUE hair transplantation. If they are already at an age where their hair follicles are closing up, or if they are genetically predisposed to male pattern baldness after reaching a certain point, this procedure would be the perfect solution.

The same goes for patients who are experiencing hair loss due to an illness or specific medical treatments. Certain cases can result in the formation of bald spots that can take a long time to recover naturally, if at all. With an FUE hair transplant, patients can experience effective results.

A Quick and Safe Proven Hair-Loss Solution

Anyone looking for a solution to hair loss that has been thoroughly tested and served millions would be a good candidate for FUE. As a hair-rejuvenation procedure, FUE has undergone constant refinements over the years since it was first introduced. With each iteration, it has only become safer, more reliable, and more effective in terms of results.

The concept of taking healthy hair follicles from one part of the patient’s scalp and transplanting them to another has been proven to work time and again. After only a few months, patients will regain the luscious locks that they had before they started experiencing hair loss.

Enough Hair Follicles

In order to actually conduct the FUE treatment, the patient should have enough hair follicles to transplant. As such, candidates should ideally have an adequate number of follicles to cover the bald spots or the receding hairline.

No Long Downtimes

One of the best things about the FUE technique is the relatively short recovery period. Patients who want to return to work a few days after the procedure would be good candidates for this procedure.

Good Overall Health

Patients who are considering FUE hair loss treatments should ideally be in good overall health. They shouldn’t be critically ill or undergoing sensitive treatments. They also shouldn’t be still recovering from recently undergoing a massive surgical procedure. Being generally healthy prior to getting the FUE treatment will help patients recover faster, as well as give them better results once the full effects of the procedure begin to show.

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