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The following FUE recovery tips help Roseville patients experience a short recovery period without complications. Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is considered to be one of the most effective methods of giving patients their luscious locks back. At Sacramento Hair Doctor, Dr. Nalini Prasad emphasizes the importance of proper FUE recovery for optimal results.

Full Day of Rest

Immediately upon getting home, patients are advised to do as little as possible while resting as much as they can. The first 24 hours are crucial for a short recovery period. During this time, patients should only focus on downtime. Watching TV, reading, and sleeping should be the extent of their activities.

No Strenuous Activities

For the next 72 hours following the FUE session, patients should avoid any kind of activity that could put a strain on their bodies. This means no exercise that is more taxing than a short stroll and no bending at the waist. Doing otherwise would increase blood flow, which could lead to bleeding around the transplanted areas. If possible, extending this lack of strenuous activities for up to two weeks is recommended.

Avoid Immediate Hair Washing

Patients might be tempted to wash their hair after getting home following the FUE procedure, but this would be ill-advised. The scalp needs time to heal, and coming into contact with shampoo or other potentially harsh hair products would not help with that. It is best to wait up to 72 hours before restarting one’s full shower routine.

No Hats

Wearing headwear of any kind would not be conducive to a quick recovery from the FUE session. Patients should avoid wearing anything that sits on their heads for at least a week. After that, they can start wearing headwear again, but nothing that is tight, could constrict blood flow to the scalp, or could cause excessive sweating (since this can irritate the affected areas).

No Drinking or Smoking

Drinking alcohol during FUE recovery can cause the blood to become thinner, which should be avoided in order to promote faster healing. This restriction should only last for around five days.

Smoking, however, should be avoided for at least four weeks after FUE hair restoration. Nicotine can decrease blood flow and can have a significant impact on the patient’s blood pressure. These effects can impair and prolong healing.

Avoid Head Scratching or Rubbing

Patients will feel some minor scalp discomfort and itchiness in the hours following their FUE transplantation. However, no matter how tempting it might be, scratching or rubbing the area should be avoided.

No Prolonged Sunlight Exposure

Direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight must be avoided for at least two weeks of FUE recovery. The treated areas of the scalp will be especially prone to sun damage during this time. Sunscreen should not be applied to the region until after all FUE incisions have fully healed.

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