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Following an FUE hair transplant, patients will need to undergo the FUE treatment recovery process. Patients can learn more about FUE treatment recovery in Roseville when they reach out to the skilled experts at Sacramento Hair Doctor.

FUE Treatment Recovery

Some minor discomfort can be expected during the early stages of the healing process. This is natural, since the areas where the follicles were harvested and then transferred will be raw and still scabbing over. Fortunately, this will only last for the first day, and the discomfort will gradually fade over the next few days. The surgical dressings that were placed on the scalp must stay on as instructed.

Sleep and prescribed medications will be instrumental in reducing the amount of swelling and discomfort that patients will experience. Patients are advised to take all prescribed medications as directed. Patients will also need to stay home from work for around one week. Following these directions will help patients heal much faster and more comfortably.

Hair Care During FUE Treatment Recovery

Proper hair care during FUE recovery is vital for protecting the health of the transplanted follicles.

For around three days following your hair transplant, it’s best not to wash your hair or shower. After you resume washing your hair, it will be important to only use gentle shampoos. Combing and brushing one’s hair should also be avoided for a time.

Hats and other head coverings should not be worn, since they can cause pressure on the scalp. Clothing that requires pulling over one’s head should also be avoided.

What Not to Do During FUE Treatment Recovery

Certain activities will be prohibited as patients heal in order to prevent any kind of detrimental effects on the affected areas.

During FUE treatment recovery, only short walks and light physical activities are recommended. Increased blood circulation can be helpful in speeding up the healing process, but too much can be detrimental.

Patients will need to avoid anything that can cause excessive sweating during the recovery process. This means no steam rooms or heavy exercise. Patients should not be lifting anything heavy or stretching their bodies past their limits. Aside from strenuous activities, patients should avoid any kind of impact or pressure on the treated areas of the scalp.

Patients must also avoid swimming for one week, since swimming pools increase the risk of infection. Patients should not drink alcohol for around one week after their FUE treatment session.

How Long Is the Recovery Time?

The downtime for FUE treatments is fairly short, with the first five days being the most critical. If patients follow the instructions they were given, they should be able to return to their regular activities after two weeks.

It’s worth noting that it will take up to 18 months before patients will be able to enjoy the full results of their FUE treatment.

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