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About Sacramento Hair Doctor

Dr. Prasad and her team have a combined experience of over 40 years. She takes great pride in her outcomes and takes every step possible to maximize your hair restoration results. Hair transplant is as much art as science and when it comes to making you look good, she is a true artist. Dr. Prasad is personally involved in every aspect of your care, from the initial consultation, the decision process, every step of surgery, and each follow up for a year after surgery.

  • Longest established hair restoration practice in Sacramento Metro Area
  • Over 2500 Hair restoration patients
  • Personalized consultation
  • Precise and complete treatment plan before you leave the office
  • Comprehensive treatment treatment of hair loss: injections, medications, laser, FUE surgery
American Society of Cosmetic Physicians
American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery

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My primary concern before I called Dr. Prasad was substantial hair loss both in the front and crown of my head. I have had very good results. Cost was the only thing that had prevented me from calling before. I appreciated the excellent results I received and the wonderful staff. I would recommend Dr. Prasad because the procedure was quick and fairly painless. The results were worth the cost and the staff made the whole process comfortable and answered all the questions I had.
N.P., MALE, 44 - 1200 GRAFTS

I had some hormonal hair loss. I was not comfortable with having a strip of hair removed from the back of my head. Then I found out about Dr. Prasad's technique when a friend recommended her. My hair line was completely restored. The relief of stress of hiding my previous hairline was the thing I most appreciate about my experience. The results have been very satisfactory, her team is very welcoming, and the procedure was quick with recovery and results.
R.C., FEMALE, 33 - 1400 GRAFTS

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