The primary concern that prompted me to call Dr. Prasad was I had serious recession of my hairline – large “cul de sacs” as I called them, on the side and very thin receding hair along my forehead. My results are excellent! My cul de sacs are gone, I have a more normal looking hair line all across my forehead with sufficient thickness. I feel much more confident about how I look. What was standing in the way of me having a hair transplant in the first place was that I didn’t know such a procedure existed for women and I didn’t know where to get information. I had only seen photos of men who had cuts made in the back of their scalps. So glad I found Dr. Prasad and the FUE procedure. What I appreciated most about my overall experience was that I was treated so kindly by everyone in the office. Dr. Prasad really seems to know what she is doing. I would recommend the FUE procedure because it’s a great procedure with no scar left at the back of my head. Dr. Prasad and her team have been fabulous and very caring through the entire process. Thank you all so much!*