Male FUE Before and After - Sacramento, CA

Individual results may vary.

Hair transplantation has greatly evolved since the early days. Donor hair is now extracted one follicle at a time rather than removing a “strip” of scalp. This newer method is known as follicular unit extraction, or “FUE.” With this method, patients do not have a linear scar that needs to be covered up with longer hair. No one will know that you have had hair transplant surgery.

The FUE hair transfer method is considered to be minimally invasive surgery. Usually a less than one mm punch is used to “core” out the grafts, much like in lawn aeration.

The core is gently lifted out of the scalp and kept in a specialized solution until it is transplanted. This leaves a less than one mm diameter incision site, which scabs up and heals well. Not all of the hair is extracted and as the surrounding hair grows out, the scabs are well camouflaged. In the long run, this procedure makes it easier to wear your hair short because there is no linear scar that has to be hidden.*

Results may vary.

Once removed, the follicles are prepared and organized by numbers of grafts by the technicians, and made ready for implantation. Only the number of follicles that has been agreed to at the consultation are removed.

Following the extraction, Dr. Prasad and her team carefully implant the hair follicles into the area of thinning (where the transplant is to be done). This is an area that is determined at the consultation and then reviewed at the pre-op appointment and once again prior to the surgery.

Benefits of the FUE Hair Transplantation and Restoration Procedure:

  • No scalpel incision
  • No sutures
  • No staples
  • No linear scar*
  • Decreased risk of complications*
  • Less discomfort*
  • Faster recovery*
  • Fewer limitations to your daily life*
  • More natural-looking results!

*Individual results may vary.